10 Keys to Manifestation

10 Keys to Manifestation

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10 keys to manifestation, shows how you can manifest an illusion that you want rather than settle for an illusion that you don’t want. This course will help you see things differently, helping you become all you can be for this year and beyond. This is a 5 Day online course that you own for a year.

Course Content:

1) Instruction for the course

2) Introduction message 

3) Day one:  Keys 1 and 2

4) Day two:  Keys 3 and 4

5) Day three: Keys 5 and 6

6) Day four: Keys 7 and 8

7) Day five: Keys 9 and 10

8) Sticking with it follow up 

Bonus: you become part of our group on Facebook, get a free copy of my book and alongside the opportunity to have a one to one with me through the Facebook account.